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Tomer Sisley

Born: August 14, 1974, West Berlin - Germany

Tomer Sisley is a French humorist, actor, screenwriter, comedian, and film director.

Tomer was the first French stand-up comedian to have won the Just for Laughs comedy festival, the biggest in the world, in 2003.

He is considered the first comedian to introduce real stand-up comedy in France, where until then, the popular one-man shows used to portray mostly impressions and sketches.

His stand-up routine became a huge hit, partly thanks to a three-and-a-half minute bit where he said his mother was Jewish and his father an Arab. Though not true, no one wanted to believe it was a joke, and it hence allowed him to joke about both religions. The media immediately saw him as “the answer to racism”.

In 2011, Tomer accepted the leading part in a low budget French film “Sleepless Night”. The movie was bought by Tribeca Films, Robert De Niro's distribution company, and Warner Brothers bought the rights for a remake. “Sleepless Night” ranked #1 best foreign independent film in the first half of 2012.

Sleepless Night shows a fight scene in a restaurant's kitchen, choreographed by Tomer himself, considered one of the most realistic fight scenes ever by many journalists who saw the movie at the Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, or Rome Film Festival. Tomer said “the reason why it looks so real is that it's not a fighting choreography, but an acting scene. It's not about the kicks and the punches! It's about a tragedy! It's not an action movie at all!”

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