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Tim Reid

Born: December 19, 1944, Norfolk, Virginia, United States

Timothy L. "Tim" Reid  is an American actor, comedian and film director best known for his roles in prime time American television programs, such as Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-82), Marcel "Downtown" Brown on Simon & Simon (1983-87), Ray Campbell on Sister, Sister (1994-99) and William Barnett on That 70's Show (2004-2006).


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Poster of Pennywise: The Story of IT

Pennywise: The Story of IT (2018)

| 120 Min

Pennywise: The Story of IT Documentary

70 2018 120
Poster of 93 Days

93 Days (2016)

Nollywood Movie
Drama |
Documentary |
Nigeria |
| 121 Min

When Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American collapses upon arrival at the Murtala Mohammed International airport in Lagos, Nigeria. he is taken to Fiest Consultants Hospital, where he is admitted with fever like symptoms. Against his denial of contact with any Ebola victim in Liberia, the team at First Consultants, led by doctor Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, quickly deduce that there is more to his case than malaria. Suddenly they are in a race against time to to contain a very deadly disease from breaking out and spreading in a mega city with a population of over 20 million people and beginning what could be the deadliest disease outbreak the world has ever known.

88 2016 121
Poster of Trade

Trade (2007)

Action |
Drama |
Thriller |
Thailand |
Germany |
| 120 Min

A Texas cop (Kevin Kline), whose own daughter might have been forced into sexual slavery, joins forces with a Mexican youth (Cesar Ramos) to find the boy's sister, who was abducted and forced into prostitution. Meanwhile, a Ukrainian woman who was promised a better life in America also becomes a victim.

75 2007 120
Poster of Asunder

Asunder (1998)

Drama |
Thriller |
Romance |
| 101 Min

Chance Williams (Underwood), a man whose life is torn apart when his wife and unborn child are killed in a bizarre accident. Chance comes to believe Lauren (Morgan), wife to best friend Michael (Beach), is the only woman who can love and help him, and he's willing to do anything to make her his own.

52 1998 101
Poster of Stephen King's It

Stephen King's It (1990)

Drama |
Horror |
Thriller |
| 192 Min

A series of murders prompts Mike Hanlon to suspect that the supernatural menace that he and a group of friends battled as children has returned. He begins to call his friends to remind them of the oath they swore: if It returned again, they would come back to Derry to do battle again.

69 1990 192

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