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Ray Emodi

Ray Emodi is a Nigerian actor and writer.


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Poster of The Other Wife

The Other Wife (2018)

Drama |
Nigeria |
| 110 Min

Demola invites his mother to his home much to the displeasure of his wife Barbara who has not been able to conceive after 2 years of marriage. This becomes the root of the clash between Demola's mother and his wife. This scenario often leaves Demola in the middle of the women he loves and his mother isn't helping by trying to do everything to stake her claim in the house and possibly get Barbara out of the house.

0 2018 110
Poster of The Vendor

The Vendor (2018)

Comedy |
Nigeria |
| 105 Min

Gbadebo is a vendor who looks at low positions with disdain and has high hopes of making something out of his ife. He has a humorous personality which endears him to his customers. He goes through different ups and down in life until he is led to cross paths with an attractive benefactor and finally hits a jackpot when he meets his wealthy biological father. This discovery turns his life around.

0 2018 105
Poster of Heaven on My Mind

Heaven on My Mind (2018)

Nollywood Movie
Drama |
Romance |
Nigeria |
| 92 Min

To Ben Peters marriage is a business transaction and he is hard working at it, his wife is sexy, a goal getter, a hardworking and intelligent woman who never denies him sex. This will be an amazing love story if he was talking about just one woman.

0 2018 92

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