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Nina Divíšková

Born: July 12, 1936, null



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Poster of Vlcí bouda

Vlcí bouda (1986)

Adventure |
Drama |
Horror |
Czech Republic |
| 92 Min

In this Czech political allegory-cum-sci-fi adventure, ten teens from different schools find themselves chosen to take part in a special skiing workshop in the mountains. On the day of the seminar, 11 young people, each bearing an invitation, arrive. A massive avalanche occurs and the ski-lodge is cut off from outside contact. Unfortunately, food supplies are limited and the three instructors strongly advise that the youths work together to make do or choose someone to leave. Time passes and soon the kids learn that their \teachers\ are not what they seem to be.

68 1986 92
Poster of Morgiana

Morgiana (1972)

Drama |
Horror |
Czech Republic |
| 97 Min

Jealous of her vapidly \good\ sisters popularity, poisonous Viktoria doses pretty Klaras tea with a slow-acting fatal substance. As the latter grows hysterically weak, the former finds success increasingly compromised by guilt, blackmail, and the pesky need to kill others lest she be exposed.

72 1972 97
Poster of The Return of the Prodigal Son

The Return of the Prodigal Son (1967)

Czech Republic |
| 98 Min

An engineer was unable to adjust to the world around him. Following his suicide attempt is at heart a scathing portrait of social alienation and moral compromise.

67 1967 98

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