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Born: July 12, 1932

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Monte Hellman (born July 12, 1932, in New York City, New York) is an American film director, producer, and film editor. Hellman is among a group of directing talent mentored by Roger Corman, who produced several of the director s early films. Hellman s most critically acclaimed film to date has been Two-Lane Blacktop (1971), a road movie that was a box office failure at the time of its initial release but has subsequently turned into a perennial cult favorite. Hellman s two acid westerns starring Jack Nicholson, Ride in the Whirlwind and The Shooting, both shot in 1965 and released directly to television in 1968, have also developed cult followings, particularly the latter. A third western, China 9, Liberty 37 (1978), was far less successful critically, although it too has its admirers, as do Cockfighter (1974) (aka Born to Kill)  and Iguana (1988). In 1989 he directed the straight-to-video slasher film Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!. In 2006, he directed "Stanley s Girlfriend," a section of the omnibus horror film Trapped Ashes. Hellman s section of the film was presented by the Cannes Film Festival that year as an "Official Selection" and Hellman was named president of the Festival s "Un Certain Regard" jury. In 2009, he began production on a new feature film, the romantic film noir thriller, Road to Nowhere, which is scheduled to compete for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. He currently teaches in the Film Directing Program at the California Institute of the Arts. At the 2010 Venice Film Festival he was awarded with a Special Lion Award for Overall Work. Description above from the Wikipedia article Monte Hellman, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


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Poster of Trapped Ashes

Trapped Ashes (2006)

Horror |
| 105 Min

Trapped in a house of horror, seven people discover that the only way they'll get out alive is to tell their scariest stories, setting the stage for five tales from directors Ken Russell, Sean S. Cunningham, Joe Dante, Monte Hellman and John Gaeta. This anthology includes spine-tingling tales of sexy succubi, possessed breast implants, nightmarish dream hauntings and more. Jayce Bartok, Lara Harris and Henry Gibson star.

47 2006 105
Poster of Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Crime |
Thriller |
| 99 Min

A botched robbery indicates a police informant, and the pressure mounts in the aftermath at a warehouse. Crime begets violence as the survivors -- veteran Mr. White, newcomer Mr. Orange, psychopathic parolee Mr. Blonde, bickering weasel Mr. Pink and Nice Guy Eddie -- unravel.

84 1992 99
Poster of Cockfighter

Cockfighter (1974)

Drama |
| 83 Min

Warren Oates plays a world-weary gambler trying to make big money cockfighting. Always on the road, he works inside and outside the rules to try to work up to the biggest fight of the year.

72 1974 83
Poster of The Shooting

The Shooting (1966)

| 82 Min

A hired gun seeks to enact revenge on a group of bounty hunters in the Old West.

68 1966 82
Poster of The Terror

The Terror (1963)

| 81 Min

Lieutenant Andre Duvalier has been accidentally separated from his regiment. He is wandering near the coast when he sees a young woman. He asks the road to Coldon, where he hopes to rejoin his regiment. But the woman doesn't answer, doesn't even greet him and walks away. Eventually she takes him to the sea, where she disappears in rough water. How can he save the mysterious girl?

50 1963 81

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