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Mel Harris

Born: July 12, 1956, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - USA

Mel Harris is an American actress, best-known for her role in the television series “thirtysomething” (1987-1991).

Harris began her acting career in the 1970s when she starred as a host on the daytime game show “Pyramid”. She then went on to star in “thirtysomething”, followed by a role in the 1988 film “Cameron's Closet”.

She later starred in “K-9”, “Suture”, followed by television roles on “Something So Right”, “The West Wing”, “Murder She Wrote: South by Southwest”, “Touched by an Angel”, “Dawson's Creek”, “Close to Home”, “House”, “Cross of Fire”, “The Burden of Proof”, “Saints and Sinners”, and “Stargate SG-1”.


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Poster of The Lodger

The Lodger (2009)

Horror |
Thriller |
| 96 Min

Set in Los Angeles with two converging plot lines – The first involves an uneasy relationship between a psychologically unstable landlady and her enigmatic lodger – The second is about a troubled detective engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the elusive killer.

58 2009 96
Poster of Purple Heart

Purple Heart (2008)


PURPLE HEART tells of a clean-up effort after a covert mission gone wrong. It is the story of Colonel Allen, the leader of a new, elite military unit designed for covert operations. His first mission: assassinate Saddam Hussein prior to the beginning of the 2003 Iraq War. Sgt. Oscar Padilla is the sniper chosen for the mission targeting Hussein. Unfortunately the mission is compromised; Padilla is captured and tortured by the Iraqis.

64 2008 0
Poster of The Retrievers

The Retrievers (2001)

Comedy |
| 95 Min

After the Lowry Family moves from New York to Placerville in California, a golden retriever comes to their house. The family starts to take care of her and the retriever, now named Pilot, has puppies. They give all of the puppies away, but later realize that they are an important part of their family. They try to find all of the puppies, which they do. Throughout the movie, Tom, the dad, is caught up in his business and has to choose between family or business multiple times.

48 2001 95
Poster of The Pagemaster

The Pagemaster (1994)

Animation |
Fantasy |
Sci-Fi |
| 80 Min

Tyler knows a lot about accidents. So much so, he is scared to do anything that might endanger him, like riding his bike, or climbing into his treehouse. While in an old library, he is mystically transported into the unknown world of books, and he has to try and get home again. Along the way he meets some interesting characters, like Fantasy, Adventure, and Horror... Written by Colin Tinto

59 1994 80
Poster of K-9

K-9 (1989)

Action |
Adventure |
Comedy |
Crime |
| 101 Min

The extravagant cop Michael Dooley needs some help to fight a drug dealer who has tried to kill him. A "friend" gives him a dog named Jerry Lee (Officer Lewis), who has been trained to smell drugs. With his help, Dooley sets out to put his enemy behind the bars, but Jerry Lee has a personality of his own and works only when he wants to. On the other hand, the dog is quite good at destroying Dooley s car, house and sex-life...

59 1989 101

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