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Kathryn Fasegha

Kathryn Fasegha is a trained Actor, Producer and Director who has been making compelling movies and TV Programs in Canada, and internationally since 1988. 

She is also an accomplished writer & blogger trained at the London School of Journalism and she has written for Economic, Business and General Interest magazines in the Middle East. 

Kathryn is a Global Woman of Distinction. She is a member of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) as well as Women in Film and Television Alberta (WIFTA).

The award-winning feature movie Treacherous Heart is a part of Kathryn's lifelong ambition to create awareness and give a voice to those whose voices have been drowned by the roar of societal pressures and demands.  As an Immigrant Canadian woman and mother to two Canadian children, Kathryn tells this story in an authentic way.


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Poster of Two Weeks In Lagos

Two Weeks In Lagos (2018)

Nollywood Movie

Two Week in Lagos is a new Nollywood movie titled currently being shot in Lagos.It’s a story about a young couple who meet and go through a lot of challenges.

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Poster of Treacherous Heart

Treacherous Heart (2012)

Nollywood Movie
Family |
Drama |
Romance |
Canada |
Nigeria |

Treacherous Heart tells the story of Ngozi, a young Canadian woman who is shocked when her parents announce they have arranged a marriage for her. When Ngozi falls in love with Dan, instead of the man arranged for her, all hell break loose. Danladi is from the wrong ethnic and religious background according to her mother and she does her very best to destroy the fledgling romance. Her efforts lead to the uncovering of a decades-old secret that threatens to destroy them all.

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