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Poster of Jeraha la Moyo

Jeraha la Moyo (2012)

Drama |
Family |
Tanzania |
| 128 Min

A married couple shares a deep love that amazes all around them. Not even childlessness after 8 years of marriage has cast a shadow on their love. In a twist of fate, they suffer a calamity just as they prepare to conceive, leaving them inconsolable.

0 2012 128
Poster of House Boy & House Girl

House Boy & House Girl (2012)

Comedy |
Family |
Tanzania |
| 57 Min

Love doesn't discriminate against religion or ethnicity. Domestic servants Kitufe and Sikitu eventually fall in love after many unusual events at the house. They begin to neglect their responsibilities and, eventually, forget what brought them there in the first place. But how was it between them before they got together?

0 2012 57
Poster of Basilisa

Basilisa (2011)

Drama |
Mystery |
Tanzania |
| 136 Min

En route to a weekend getaway, a group of 6 friends encounters a terrifying incident after dismissing and belittling a madman who had begged them for some of their coconut to eat and drink. The wrath of Basilisa, the ghost of a person long dead, is awakened by their insults and their journey takes a sudden turn for the worse as strange incidents of illusions, quarreling amongst themselves and betrayal begin to occur. What will become of them?

0 2011 136

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