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Emmanuelle Béart

Born: August 14, 1963, Gassin - France

Emmanuelle Béart is a French film actress, who has appeared in over 60 film and television productions since 1972.

An eight-time César Award nominee, she won the César Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1986 film “Manon des Sources”.

Her other film roles include “La Belle Noiseuse” (1991), “A Heart in Winter” (1992), “Nelly and Mr. Arnaud&Rdquo; (1995), “Mission: Impossible” (1996) and “8 Women” (2002).

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Poster of My Mistress

My Mistress (2014)

Romance |
Drama |
| 104 Min

It's a long hot summer for Charlie Boyd. He's sixteen, his hormones are raging and he's just found out his mother is having an affair with his father's best friend. One thing takes his mind off his problems, the mysterious woman down the street who has visitors day and night, and has just advertised for a gardener. But she is forgotten when a tragic family event tumbles Charlie into a world of pain, a pain so intense Charlie thinks no-one can help him. He's wrong. Someone can. Maggie, the beautiful French stranger. She's a professional, and she specialises in pain. Giving it, exploring it, sharing it, all for money. So Charlie falls in love, and despite herself so does she, drawn to this troubled boy who takes all the pain she can give and uses it to heal himself. And as Charlie heals, he turns that healing back onto her, his Mistress.

54 2014 104
Poster of Bye Bye Blondie

Bye Bye Blondie (2012)

France |
| 94 Min

Bye Bye Blondie tells the tale of Gloria and Frances, who first met when they were both patients in the same psychiatric hospital back in the 1980s, and decided to run away together. At the time their love affair was defined by youthful intensity. Later, when Francis disappeared without a trace, Gloria mourned the loss with a heavy heart. Over 20 years later, Francis (Emmanuelle Béart) and Gloria (Béatrice Dalle) have both turned 40. They've taken very different paths in life, with nomadic Gloria spending most of her time in a dive bar, and Frances enjoying success as a popular Parisian TV personality. The wife of a closeted and successful novelist, Francis is locked in a mutually-beneficial marriage of convenience when she once again crosses paths with Gloria, and finds her comfortable world turned upside down.

51 2012 94
Poster of Vinyan

Vinyan (2008)

Horror |
Thriller |
France |
United Kingdom |
| 96 Min

A couple leaves the civilized world behind and descends into a living nightmare in this chilling horror thriller. Six months after losing her only child in the Southeast Asia tsunami, Jeanne (Emmanuelle Beart, Mission: Impossible) is convinced she sees him in a film about orphans living in the jungles

53 2008 96
Poster of Disco

Disco (2008)

Comedy |
France |
| 103 Min

Endetté jusquau cou dans une affaire de water bed, Didier Travolta, 40 ans, vit au Havre dans le quartier populaire du Grand Large chez sa maman : Madame Graindorge. Il reçoit une lettre de la mere de son fils Brian, 8 ans, qui vit en Angleterre, lui signifiant quil ne pourra pas recevoir le petit cette année sil nest pas capable de lui payer des vacances, des vraies vacances.

42 2008 103
Poster of My Stars

My Stars (2008)

France |
| 88 Min

Robert, a fan of three French actresses is a bald-headed, potbellied man on the fifties, but fully devotes himself to them, and sometimes works for them without being recognized. But those star actresses find him a simple stalker fan and make fun of him, but later recognize he is sincere and genuine.

58 2008 88
Poster of Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible (1996)

Action |
Adventure |
Thriller |
| 110 Min

When Ethan Hunt, the leader of a crack espionage team whose perilous operation has gone awry with no explanation, discovers that a mole has penetrated the CIA, hes surprised to learn that hes the No. 1 suspect. To clear his name, Hunt now must ferret out the real double agent and, in the process, even the score.

71 1996 110
Poster of Manon of the Spring

Manon of the Spring (1986)

Drama |
France |
| 120 Min

In this, the sequel to Jean de Florette, Manon (Beart) has grown into a beautiful young shepherdess living in the idyllic Provencal countryside. She plots vengeance on the men whose greedy conspiracy to acquire her her father's land caused his death years earlier.

80 1986 120

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