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Connor Ross

Born: December 6, 1988, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Persistence is paying off for Connor Ross. From an early age, it was evident to his family and friends that Connor possessed a unique talent and a way with people, so it came as no surprise when Connor announced that he wanted to "be in movies". 

It did, however, come as a surprise that his pursuit of this goal was so passionate and unrelenting. Thinking they could pacify him locally, his parents sought an agency connection and acting classes in Texas but soon learned that Connor had bigger plans and was strategically devising a way to get to the place where the action is - Hollywood!


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Poster of Headgame

Headgame (2018)

Horror |
Biography |
| 92 Min

A group of young people awake, locked inside a warehouse with cameras screwed into their heads. It becomes apparent that they are unwilling competitors in a deadly game, and they will need to murder each other if they hope to survive.

38 2018 92

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