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Andrew Prine

Born: February 14, 1936

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Andrew Lewis Prine (born February 14, 1936) is an American film, stage, and television actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Andrew Prine, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


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Poster of The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem (2013)

Horror |
Thriller |
| 101 Min

The City of Salem, Massachusetts is visited by a coven of ancient witches.

51 2013 101
Poster of Daltry Calhoun

Daltry Calhoun (2005)

| 100 Min

In small town Tennessee, a ne'er-do-well man (Knoxville) wrestling for control over his fading golf club is reunited with his estranged daughter, a 14-year-old musical prodigy.

52 2005 100
Poster of Possums

Possums (1998)


When the town of Nowata votes to cancel its losing high school football team, the Possums, a local radio announcer decides to keep broadcasting imaginary games, team or no team.

56 1998 0
Poster of Gettysburg

Gettysburg (1993)

War |
Drama |
| 254 Min

Summer 1863. The Confederacy pushes north into Pennsylvania. Union divisions converge to face them. The two great armies clash at Gettysburg, site of a theology school. For three days, through such legendary actions as Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge, the fate of \one nation, indivisible\ hangs in the balance.

77 1993 254
Poster of Amityville II: The Possession

Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

| 104 Min

The Lutz family have managed to flee their home with their lives intact, but before them, another family lived in this house and were caught up in the original evil who weren't so lucky...

54 1982 104
Poster of Rooster Cogburn

Rooster Cogburn (1975)

Western |
| 108 Min

In this sequel to True Grit, John Wayne returns as Marshal Rooster Cogburn. After a band of drunken thugs overruns a small Indian Nation town, killing Minister Goodnight and raping the women folk, Eula Goodnight (Katherine Hepburn) enlists the aid of Marshal Cogburn to hunt them down and bring her fathers killers to justice.

69 1975 108
Poster of Chisum

Chisum (1970)

Action |
Western |
| 111 Min

Cattle baron John Chisum joins forces with Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett to fight the Lincoln County land war.

69 1970 111
Poster of Bandolero!

Bandolero! (1968)

Western |
Action |
Crime |
Drama |
Romance |
| 106 Min

Posing as a hangman, Mace Bishop arrives in town with the intention of freeing a gang of outlaws, including his brother, from the gallows. Mace urges his younger brother to give up crime. The sheriff chases the brothers to Mexico. They join forces, however, against a group of Mexican bandits.

66 1968 106
Poster of The Devil's Brigade

The Devil's Brigade (1968)

War |
Action |
| 130 Min

1968 American war film about the formation and first mission of the joint Canadian-American WWII special forces winter and mountain unit formally called 1st Special Service Force, but commonly known as “The Devil’s Brigade”. The film dramatises the Brigade's first mission in the Italian Campaign, the task of capturing the German mountain stronghold Monte la Difensa, in December 1943. The film is based on the 1966 book of the same name, co-written by American novelist and historian Robert H. Adleman and Col. George Walton, a member of the brigade.

68 1968 130

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