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Poster of Final Score

Final Score (2018)

Action |
Thriller |
United Kingdom |
| 105 Min

When a stadium is seized by a group of heavily armed criminals during a major sporting event, an ex-soldier must use all his military skills to save both the daughter of a fallen comrade and the huge crowd unaware of the danger.

56 2018 105
Poster of Breathe

Breathe (2017)

Drama |
Romance |
United Kingdom |
| 117 Min

When Robin is struck down by polio at the age of 28, he is confined to a hospital bed and given only a few months to live. With the help of Diana's twin brothers (Tom Hollander) and the groundbreaking ideas of inventor Teddy Hall (Hugh Bonneville), Robin and Diana dare to escape the hospital ward to seek out a full and passionate life together - raising their young son, traveling and devoting their lives to helping other polio patients.

0 2017 117
Poster of Crashing

Crashing (2016)

TV Show
United Kingdom |
| 25 Min

0 2016 25
Poster of Howl

Howl (2015)

United Kingdom |
| 89 Min

When passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must band together in order to survive until morning.

52 2015 89
Poster of The Hundred-Foot Journey

The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

Drama |
| 122 Min

A story centered around an Indian family who moves to France and opens a restaurant across the street from a Michelin-starred French restaurant.

73 2014 122

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