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The Royal Hibiscus Hotel


Nigeria | February 9, 2018 (Nigeria) | September 2, 2017 (World) |

Segun and Rose Adeniyi, run a charming, but run-down, boutique hotel in a little town in Lagos, Nigeria. In desperation, Segun decides to sell the hotel without his wife’s knowledge, as a way of settling all their debts. Their daughter, Opeoluwa, is living in London, working a dead-end job while trying to open her own restaurant. When Ope decides to return to Nigeria, Mom and Dad are elated for different reasons. Dad wants her to sign the papers to sell the hotel she is destined to inherit, while Mom can’t wait to marry her off. Meanwhile, Ope meets Deji, a charming young businessman with a secret that threatens her plans to restore the hotel’s fortunes. Can love survive deception and will Ope manage to fulfill her dreams?

Ishaya Bako
EbonyLife Films


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