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The Fugitive

Nigeria | September 27, 2019 (Nigeria) | September 27, 2019 (World) |

The movie is set in the United State of Africa, where every country in current Africa is a state, where the syndicate reigns supreme, controlling every facet of that society with its use of intimidation. Private detective Danny Benson, a former incorruptible cop is framed for the murder of an investigative reporter who has uncovered evidence that would expose the operations of the syndicate. Detective Danny was arrested and all evidence in court points to his guilt and he is about to be sentenced to death. Caught between a rock and a hard place, detective Danny had no choice but to escape in order to be able to prove himself innocent. He is now a wanted felon by the law on the one hand and wanted dead by all means by the syndicate on the other hand. Until he can prove himself innocent, he remains “THE FUGITIVE “...



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October 24, 2019

2:15 PM 4:20 PM

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