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Nigeria | June 25, 2018 (Nigeria) | 120 min

Somewhere in a remote village of 21st century Africa, so many things have changed under influence of modernisation and urbanisation. But still, so many are as it were before. Costumes changed, customs not. Language changed, emotions not. Life changed but traditions not. Thinking changed but rituals not. ENI, an innocent girl was having a lot of emotions but unfortunately was missing the language to convey it. Her inability to express herself made her restricted to very few friends. And when turbulence of love entered in her life, she has no other way other than to trust her sympathisers only. But no one could guess the love. And sympathisers never can understand how cruel the love turns up. Unpredictability was very nature of love. Love and God, who can guess? Ultimately Eni has only way to surrender.

Ashvin Meshram


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