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Boss of all Bosses

Nigeria | June 15, 2018 (Nigeria) |

All hell breaks loose in this slapstick comedy which centers around the intense rivalry between 2 M.D’s of indigenous Oil & Gas Corporation in Nigeria. Tony(A.K.A the Boss Of All Bosses) or so He sees himself, is a spoilt & arrogant M.D at Hemcorps Oil & Gas Corporation who cares for no-one & believes that everyone should worship the ground He walks on. With a loyal P.A as his right hand man and the Lapse of an obvious CEO Tony abuses his authority and runs the firm the way He wants. However one faithful day all that changes when Samuel, a new M.D comes onboard. The 2 M.D’s have to perform a special assignment for the retaining of one M.D while the loser has to leave. This leads to an all-out war between both M.D’s and their teams with hilarious consequences.

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