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B for Boy


Nigeria | 114 min

Amaka (Uche Nwadili) seems to be living a perfect life as an independent, modern Nigerian woman. She has a successful job, is in a happy marriage, has a loving daughter, and is pregnant. All seems well until her mother-in-law (Ngozi Nwaneto) tells Amaka that unless she has a boy, she will find a second wife for son. Her mother-in-law states that this is the only way to save the family's name. While Amaka's husband (Nonso Odogwu) is away on a business trip, Amaka suffers a miscarriage. Fearful of her husband and mother-in-law finding out, Amaka wears a pregnant body suit in order to disguise her body. When her due date draws near, Amaka goes through great lengths to illegally purchase a baby boy from another woman named Joy (Frances Okeke).

Chika Anadu


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