Movie Review: “Pacific Rim: Uprising”

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Disclaimer: SPOILERS ahead!

Move over Transformers! The new age of fighting bots has been established with the release of "Pacific Rim: Uprising". With up-and-coming star John Boyega at the forefront, we expected nothing short of excellence from him...which is exactly what we got. Already commercially more successful than its predecessor and having surpassed "Black Panther" at the box office, "Pacific Rim: Uprising" is action-packed and light fun for everyone. 

While Boyega did not appear in "Pacific Rim", the storyline in this movie has incorporated him into past events and linked him as the son of Pentecost (Idris Elba) and "brother" of Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), both of whom starred in the first movie. Set a decade after "the war", Jaegers have been safeguarding the Earth from enemies and humanity has maintained peace between machine and man. However, fearful that Kaiju will return and wreak havoc, orphan Amara has prepared herself by building a mini Jaeger which, as fate has it, would cause her to meet Jake and change her life forever.

Boyega, who dons his native English accent and humour, is a rogue ranger who makes his living by finding and selling Jaeger parts. However, when a deal goes wrong, he finds himself running for his life while also determined to catch the perpetrator who stole the parts. Much to his surprise, he meets Amara, a grungy young girl with a keen interested in Jaegers.


After being caught by the police, again, Jake is given the choice to either return to the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) or rot away in prison. Unwillingly, he chooses the first choice and soon finds himself, along with newly recruited Amara, back in the place he tried so desperately to avoid returning to. Upon arrival, Amara is introduced to Nate (Scott Eastwood) and her fellow pilot recruits. Struggling to catch up with the other recruits, Amara receives a "nudge" from Jake which pushes her to cement her destiny as the future savior of the world and one of the youngest rangers.

Returning as the sequel's notorious good guy gone bad is Dr. Geiszler (Charlie Day), a close assistant and "doctor" to Liwen Shao, head of Shao Industries. Believing that Shao is behind the attack of a Jaeger-Kaiju in Sydney, Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) becomes suspicious of their alliance with the bot corporation. However, it isn't long before he discovers that the Earth-grown Kaiju brain implanted in the rogue bot is the creation of none other than Dr. Geiszler, who we learn was being mind controlled by the Precursors, an alien race. Which is pretty bad seeing as Shao had just ordered the worldwide release of drones.

Chaos ensues at the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps base as the Kaiju drones attack and destroy nearly all of the Jaeger bots. Shao is able to shut down the rogue bots but three of the most powerful Kaiju bots, Raijin, Hakuja and Shrikethorn, break through the Earth and take over all of Tokyo. Their goal? Reach of the Ring of Fire atop Mount Fuji, activate it and wipe out all lifeforms on Earth, allowing for complete Precursor takeover.

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As the pilots and recruits scramble to restore the remaining Jaegers, Gottlieb works hard to create rockets that will launch the pilots to Tokyo in order to stop and ultimately, defeat the Kaiju bots. At first, the Jaegers appear to be winning but when the Kaiju bots merge together to form a monster of epic proportions, the Jaegers find themselves in over their heads.

Despite giving the fight everything they've got, the Kaiju monster manages to escape and make it's way to Mount Fuji. Jake and Amara decide to co-pilot in order to end this thing once and for all. Shao swoops to the rescue with Amara's Jaeger, Scrapper, and they manage to blow up the Kaiju and save the world.

After defeating the Kaiju, Nate catches Geiszler and Amara and Jake return to the PPDC where Amara is called "ranger", leading audiences to infer that she has been, officially, promoted. Jake threatens the Kaiju race saying that next time, they will be the ones attacked by humans which again, leads audiences to infer that a third "Pacific Rim" is to be anticipated. 

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