Movie Review: “Justice League”

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Written by: Shelleah Pedersen

What was meant to be one of the year's most anticipated movies and biggest blockbusters, ended up being one of the year's biggest disappointments. "Justice League" failed to live up to the hype and its name. While the idea of DC Comics' most beloved heroes coming together on one screen excited viewers and built anticipation for over a year now, the storyline and special effects were pitiful, at best.

Sure, "Justice League" is not a Marvel movie, but seeing as it's DC Comics and not their first movie, the poor special effects were shocking and this factor alone significantly impacted the movie's overall success. We can't forget to mention the storyline, which was completely wasted on the sole focus of forming the team. Only towards the end of the movie did viewers get a brief glimpse into the fighting and action which was built up throughout the movie and in marketing campaigns prior to release. 

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A majority of the movie was stuck on "the struggle to form a team of superheroes" in time to fight the Steppenwolf, whereas the movie could have focused more on the fighting and action that viewers crave for when going to watch a superhero movie. Plus, if we are being honest here, "Justice League" really focused on the return of Superman and he "took the show" after being resurrected. So, the movie should have actually been titled something along the lines of "Superman and Other Mediocre Superheroes" or "Ressurection: Superman".

The movie was slow up until Superman was resurrected and took the spotlight. The other superheroes had a difficult time fighting off the Steppenwolf and his army of insect/vampire warriors but when Superman came back, all the action viewers had been anticipating was over in the blink of an eye. The Steppenwolf was defeated and the world was saved, yet again, from destruction and chaos. Well, not the small Russian town where the final battle took place.

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Another element to the story that should have been elaborated upon was the evolution and story behind The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Either this or three separate movies focusing on these three superheroes should have been released prior to "Justice League". Sure, there could be a future DC movie that focuses on them but viewers (who are not familiar with the comics) might have preferred to see their evolution to better understand their backstories, as they did with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. 

Personally, a character I would like to see develop and someday have his own movie is Cyborg. Seeing as he has only become a "superhero" recently and is already quite powerful, he may very well become one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe.

With its cheap effects and poor storyline, it's even more shocking to learn that "Justice League" was the second-most expensive movie ever made. Fans of the individual superheroes and this new league of superheroes can only hope that any future "Justice League" movie will have better special effects, a better scriptwriter, and more focus on action. Overall, the movie has received negative reviews and critics were not at all impressed with Zack Snyder's attempt at bringing all the superheroes together on one screen.

Rating: 5/10

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