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Adesua Etomi has joined the cast of "Malika"
The animated series "Malika" has finally found its leading lady. Adesua Etomi has officially been added to the cast of "Malika," and she is set to voice the star character of the show--Malika! Etomi signed onto the project in October 2018 , and since then she has wowed producers with what she was able to do with the character in such a small time slot. The animated pilot is not even 20 minutes long! 
The series is based on the graphic novels and follows the life of Nigerian Warrior Queen and military commander Malika in the 15th century. We can't wait to see what Etomi does will this role and how she brings Malika to life.
Until the pilot airs, check out some of the Malika teaser trailers and let us know what you think down below in the comments! 


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