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Nollywood Week Paris 
Nollywood Week Paris took place May 9th to May 12th in Paris, France. The event was centered around all things Nollywood while giving people the chance to watch some of the best Nigerian films out right now! There were screenings of "Up North," "Moms at War," "King of Boys," "Nigerian Prince," and more! 
Some popular Nollywood celebrities ranging from singers to actors even attended the event. We're so glad the Nigerian film industry is getting the recognition it deserves. 

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Yemi Alade New Album and New Oh My Gosh Remix 
Yemi Alade has finally released the remix of her popular song Oh My Gosh along with a music video! The remix and the video  feature American rapper, Rick Ross. It's safe to say that people are enjoying the new song and music video if the #OMGChallenge isn't proof enough. 
Alade has also used this as an opportunity to promote the release of her upcoming album, Woman of Steel.  The release date of the album has not been announced yet, so until then we will be enjoying Yemi's new remix while patiently waiting for her new album to drop. 

Katherine Langford's Cameo was Cut from "Avengers:Endgame"
Katherine Langford, who is most famous for her roles as Hannah Baker in "13 Reasons Why" and Leah in "Love Simon,"
was originally meant to make a cameo in "Endgame." She was cast as an older Morgan Stark and her father, Tony Stark, was meant to find her after he heroically snapped his fingers and saved the universe. Tony aka Iron Man was meant to find his daughter in the same realm that Thanos found a young Gamora in "Infinity Wars." 
The older version of Morgan Stark was going to forgive her dad for not being there are she grows up and give him the peace to move on. It would have been a beautiful scene, but the Russo brothers cut the scene after it didn't resonate well with test audiences for seeming out of place.  But who knows, maybe the Russo brothers will give us access to this deleted scene and maybe Katherine Langford will even make an appearance as Morgan Stark in future Marvel movies. We'll have to wait and see!

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"Aladdin" Prince Ali Movie Scene Sneak Peek
The live action version of "Aladdin" is almost here, and we thought we couldn't be more excited. But that was until we saw that Disney gave us another sneak peek into the movie. A new trailer for "Aladdin" was released today giving us a first look at the iconic Prince Ali scene. The scene seems to be almost an exact replica, or as close as it could get, to the original animated scene. But don't let us just tell you about it, check out the first look for yourselves and let us know what you think down below in the comments. 

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