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Hollywood News

"Pet Sematary" Releases Trailer
We all know Stephen King is, well, THE King of Horror and one of his most terrifying tales is certainly Pet Sematary.  
Fans of his spooky stories will be familiar with tale, but for those who aren't here's a little recap:

After the Creed family move from the city to a house in the country, they are told about the strange pet cemetery near their home and how, when creatures are buried there, they come back to life.  When their pet cat dies, they bury it there - not fully believing the myth -  but when their beloved family pet rises from the dead, things go from eerie to terrifying...

The first "Pet Sematary" movie (1989), did a great job of re-telling King's story, so it will be interesting to see how this new version measures up.  Stephen King has seen a boost in popularity over recent years, with the movies "The Dark Tower" and  "It", as well as the TV show "Castle Rock" and the heavily King-influenced "Stranger Things".

Starring in the new "Pet Sematary" will be Jason Clarke, John Lithgow and Amy Seimetz and it is set to be in cinemas on April 5.  Take a peek at the spooky trailer right here:

Box Office Hits
Despite the not-so-positive reviews, "Venom" raked in $80 million in it's opening weekend.  It also beat the October box-office record -previously held by "Gravity" - by over $20 million.  Plus, It has grossed over $200 million worldwide so far!

"A Star is Born" also had a successful opening and, unlike "Venom" has been met with extremely positive reviews from audiences around the world.  In it's opening weekend, the movie made a very respectable $42 million.  Seems like Bradley Cooper's directorial debut, starring Lady Gaga (and her impressive voice) could be the surprise hit of the year! 

Have you seen "Venom"?  What review would you give it?
"A Star is Born" will be in select cinemas across Nigeria from today!  Check it out and let us know what you think!

A Star is Born
image: Variety

Nollywood News
Check Out the Trailer from Dare Olaitan's Latest Project
Dare Olaitan is not afraid to push the boundaries and we saw his unique point of view with "Ojukokoro"('greed') last year.
As with "Ojukokoro", this latest project, titled "Knock Out Blessing" is a thriller.  Whereas his last project focused on the theme of greed, "Knock Out Blessing" is "...about the ability of one person to change the narrative of a country and how Nigerians see themselves in relation to their government", says Olaitan.
The story follows three girls trying to survive and, in the process, how they get caught up in the dark underbelly of the Nigerian political world.

If "Knock Out Blessing" is anything like "Ojukokoro", we can expect beautiful cinematography, a compelling story and a movie which makes you think about the world we live in.

"Knock Out Blessing" is planned for release at the end of the year - we can't wait!

"Merry Men" is a Smash Hit!
"Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons" has been in cinemas now for 2 weeks and we can safely say it has lived up to the hype!
With its fantastic cast, and the fact that A.Y. himself produced the film, it promised to be a hit and audiences have been raving about it ever since its release.

Although critics haven't been as enthusiastic as the fans, "Merry Men" has broken records.  It has become the highest grossing Nollywood movie of 2018 , had the most successful opening day for a Nollywood movie in 2018, plus the most successful September release in West Africa.
It had the second biggest opening day for a Nollywood movie, after "The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai". 

So what's next for A.Y.?  Will his next project knock even "The Wedding Party 2" off the top spot?  
If you've seen "Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons" send us your reviews, we'd love to hear what you think!

Fashion and Film Collide
We're stepping a little away from the glamour of Nollywood now and we're going to take a look at how two artists are using film and photography to explore the culture of Eastern Nigeria.

Nigerian stylist and art director, Daniel Obasi and photographer Yagazie Emezi collaborated on the project along with Vlisco&co.  The result is a series of photos and a short film, highlighting Igbo traditions and the use of Vlisco wax throughout the culture.  The designs of Frank Aghuno and Gozel Green are featured in the work - all of which incorporate Vlisco designs in modern silhouettes.

The short film, "Udara" depicts the complexity within the Igbo culture, as well as concept of the 'ilo uwa' (reincarnation).
Take a look at "Udara" right here: 

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