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On Fridays our plantains are freshly fried!  Here's our "Fryday" fry-up:

Nollywood News
"Baby Steps" Releases Trailer
Willis Ikedum has a new project in the works!  With the success of the two "Mummy Dearest" movies, expectations are high for his next comedy.

Starring Enyinna Nwigwe, Bimbo Akintola and Segun Arinze, "Baby Steps" tells the story of a man thrown into a tricky situation.  A real-life Casanova wakes up one day with the shock of his life - a baby on his doorstep!  He has no choice but to take care of her and in the process his entire life gets turned upside down.  What he doesn't know is that this was all plot to force him into becoming a better man.  The question is, will it actually work or will he just go back to his bachelor ways?

There is no release yet for "Baby Steps", but check out the trailer right here:

Oga Bello's TV Series "Alagbra" gets Air Date
Oga Bello's latest project is packed to the brim with top Yoruba stars and you can start watching it on November 18!  Oga Bello (aka Adebayo Salami) is an actor, producer, director and filmmaker who is of course well-known in the world of Nollywood, so this upcoming project is creating quite a buzz.

"Alagbra" , according to Bello, "focuses on how men are controlled, manipulated, influenced and shaped by women in their lives"  - sounds very intriguing indeed!  Among those starring in the series are Oga Bello himself, Toyin Alausa, Funsho Adeolu, Toyin Adegbola, Yemi Solade and Bello's son, Femi Adebayo.

With such a star-studded cast and with Bello at the helm, this is bound to be a hit!  Check out the trailer on @femiadebayosalami on Instagram and tune in to StarTimes on November 18 to start watching this exciting 26 part series!

 Honorary Doctorate for Mo Abudu
Mo Abudu has been recognised for her achievements in broadcasting and enterprise in Nigeria with an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Westminster. She attended Westminster University in 1993, where she achieved a Master's Degree in Manpower Studies.  

The media mogul and philanthropist, who founded EbonyLifeTV, posted on Instagram about this prestigious honour, saying "It is really exciting to be recognised for doing what you love."  This is actually Abudu's second honorary degree!  The first was from Babcock University in 2014.

The ceremony took place in the Royal Festival Hall in London during the University of Westminster's graduation ceremony and Abudu delivered an impassioned speech encouraging the graduates present to "find the thing you are passionate about, that you feel you were born to do."

It has been a big year for Abudu - EbonyLife ON was launched, Sony Pictures Televison struck a  three-project deal with EbonyLife, and she made the UK Powerlist which recognises the most influential and powerful black Britons.

Congratulations to Mo Abudu, you continue to inspire and we can't wait to see what's next for you!

Mo Abudu Doctorate
image: Mo Abudu Instagram

Hollywood News
Ryan Reynolds to Play Pikachu - First Trailer Released!
It was announced a while ago that Ryan Reynolds would be the voice of Pikachu, and it seemed to be a strange choice back then.  But now that the trailer for "Detective Pikachu" has been released it makes a whole lot more sense.  

When private eye Harry Goodman goes missing, his son Tim (Justice Smith) sets out to find him.  There to lend a helping hand is Detective Pikachu (Reynolds) - a wise-cracking, sarcastic, and super cute Pokémon.  See -now Reynolds makes sense, right?!
When Detective Pikachu realises that Tim actually understands him, the adventure really starts and they sleuth their way through Ryme City to solve the mystery. Humans and Pokémons live side by side in peace, but when they investigate deeper,Tim and Detective Pikachu uncover a shocking secret which could destroy life as they know it.

"Detective Pikachu" will hit cinemas next May - check out the very first trailer here!

Marvel legend Stan Lee dies at 95
Fans all over the world are still reeling from the sad news on Monday that Stan Lee passed away.  The writer, publisher and editor of Marvel comics, who created Spider-man, Black Panther, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, the Incredible Hulk and Ant-man - among many, many other fantastical characters - died in the early hours of Monday morning in hospital in Los Angeles.

He is seen, for good reason, as the legend of Marvel comics.  Beloved by fans and someone who was a character in his own right, Lee changed the way superheroes are portrayed.  Before him, our superheroes were pretty one-dimensional and square - well, let's face it, they were a snoozefest that no-one could really relate to.  Stan Lee changed all that - his characters are flawed and deal with everyday problems just like the rest of us.  It made them more endearing, more real, and, in turn, more popular.

Lee was known to be feisty and outspoken, as well as someone with a huge heart and a great sense of humour.  In fact, he appeared in many cameos in Marvel movies in his career, something which fans always looked forward to spotting.

His family released a statement on Monday which read "He worked tirelessly his whole life creating great characters for the world to enjoy.  He wanted to inspire our imagination and for all of us to use it to make the world a better place. His legacy will live on forever."

Stan Lee
image: Den of Geek

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