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On Fridays we make sure to deliver the freshest news from the world of entertainment.  Here's our 'Fryday' fry up:

Kachi Benson's Short Doc Showing at Berlinale 
Joel Kachi Benson, the founder and Creative Director of JB Multimedia Studios, is to screen his short documentary at this year's Berlinale.  The film festival, which is in it's 15th year, started yesterday in Berlin and will end on February 17.  It is part of the so-called 'Big Three' - the other 2 being the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals.

Benson has travelled extensively around Northeast Nigeria, documenting the impact of Boko Haram on communities and individual lives.  His short documentary, "In Bakassi" depicts the life of a child in an IDP (internally displaced person) camp and uses VR (Virtual Reality).  
As Benson says, "...with this new technology, they are able to not just see, but 'experience' as though they were there.
'In Bakassi' is a film that gives you a glimpse into what life is like for a child in an IDP Camp; where everyone struggles to survive.”

"In Bakassi" debuted at the Cairo International Film last November and will be screened at Berlinale this evening.
Take a look at the moving trailer right here:

Visual Short Takes Art to the People
Nigerian-American photographer, Chi Modu has joined forces with BUD X (Budweiser's music platform) and Amarachi Nwosu's Melanin Unscripted to create a mini-doc called "Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era".  The short uses Modu's photography of  Lagos streets and is incorporated into an exhibition and workshop.

The goal of the project is to connect with Nigerian youth and his inspiration came from his dual upbringing in the States and Nigeria.  He says "Growing up in both worlds; growing up in America, and being Nigerian, it gives you a different perspective.  When you're young, you want to assimilate to the culture where you're living. But as you get older, you start to appreciate the fact that you have both worlds."

"Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era" reflects Modu's homecoming and his aim is "taking the art to the people".
Check out "Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era" right here:

"Dry" Screening at PAFF
"Dry", directed by Stephanie Linus will be screened at this year's Pan African Film & Arts Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles.  This will be the second time "Dry" has been screened at the festival, the first being 2016, when it won the award for Best Narrative Feature.

This Tuesday, Linus was recognised in a Blacks in Cinema presentation, hosted by Los Angeles City Council President Herb J. Wesson.  In celebration of Black History Month, the presentation aimed to highlight and honour those in the film industry who have broken boundaries and inspired others to do the same over the years.

"Dry" continues to resonate with audiences around the world and is a moving portrayal of a young girl who is forced into marriage and becomes an outcast in her community.  The movie will be screened 3 more times during this year's festival.

Chinonye Chukwu First Black Woman to Win Grand Jury Prize
This year's Sundance Festival, which took place last week, is certainly one for the books.  Not only did Nigerian-American director Chinonye Chukwu wow audiences with the screening of her film "Clemency", she also made history by becoming the first black woman ever to win the U.S. Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic.  The award is the highest honour of the Sundance Festival and recognises emerging talent in the film industry.

Chukwu's drama, "Clemency", won her the illustrious prize. The film, which Chukwu both wrote and directed, tells the story of a prison warden who is struggling to deal with the demands of her job.  

Here is the Sundance synopsis:
"Years of carrying out death row executions have taken a toll on prison warden Bernadine Williams. As she prepares to execute another inmate, Bernadine must confront the psychological and emotional demons her job creates, ultimately connecting her to the man she is sanctioned to kill."

Chukwu's next project will be "A Taste of Power", based on the life story of former Black Panther Elaine Browne.

Chinonye Chukwu
image: Essence

Magical New "Dumbo" Trailer
2019 is going to packed to the brim with Disney delights - we're already gearing up for the live-action versions of "The Lion King" and "Aladdin".  Next month will see Tim Burton's "Dumbo" (also live-action) and with a cast of Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton, Eva Green and Colin Farrell, it looks set to be a real showstopper.

We've seen a few trailers already illustrating Burton's signature dark, quirky style, but this latest one shows a sweeter, lighter side.  Get ready to get your heartstrings tugged by this remake of the beloved classic!

You can see "Dumbo" in select cinemas across Nigeria from March 29.  Enjoy the latest trailer right here:

Pixar's New Short About Trying to Belong
They've done it again!  Pixar always manages to entertain and deliver an important message with their animated shorts and their latest doesn't disappoint.  

"Purl" tells the story of a bright pink ball of yarn who starts work at B.R.O Capital, a testosterone-driven, male-dominated office.  Faced with being excluded from lunches, talked over at meetings and generally being the odd one out, Purl decides "if you can't beat them,  join them".  When a new co-worker joins she has two choices - blend in with the group or be the example to follow.

The director, Kristen Lester, based "Purl" on her own experience - when she started working in animation, she was the only woman in the office and found herself changing things to fit in with the guys.  She says when she "came to Pixar, and started to work on teams with women for the first time, and that actually made me realise how much of the female aspect of myself I had sort of buried and left behind.”

Purl is part of Pixar's Sparkshorts program, which gives employees 6 months to create an animated short.  We're in luck, because there's more shorts to come form this exciting program!

Check out "Purl" right here:

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