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Well film fans, we're here again to update you on the latest from Nollywood and Hollywood!  Here's our 'Fryday' fry-up:

Kate Henshaw to Judge on Reality TV Show
Nollywood star Kate Henshaw has announced the exciting news that she will be joining the panel of judges on "The World's Best", an upcoming reality show on CBS.

There will be over 50 judges on "The World's Best" who will review acts from all over the globe.  Henshaw, who is of course  representing Nigeria, will be working alongside Drew Barrymore, RuPaul, Faith Hill, and host James Corden - now that's some star-studded company!

Not only must participants impress the 3 American judges, they also have to wow the 'Wall of the World' - a group of experts from 38 different countries, with a huge variety of skills and talents themselves.  As well as the fabulous Henshaw, there are dancers, martial artists, choreographers, singers...well, people from every sector of entertainment!
The winner will receive a $1 million prize.

Henshaw already has experience as a judge - she was on the panel for "Naija's Got Talent"- so we have a feeling she's going to do great!  Congratulations to Kate Henshaw, we're happy to hear you're representing Nigeria in this exciting project!

image: Straight from Naija

Afolyan Teases for Upcoming Movie
Kunle Afolayan has proved time and again that he is a talent to be reckoned with.  From comedy with "Crazy People" to psychological thriller with "Roti", his ability to tackle a wide range of topics with a unique perspective seemingly knows no bounds.

So, with that said, of course we'e excited to say that Afolayan has released not one, but 4 teasers for his upcoming movie, "Mokalik"!  Apparently inspired by the director's own visits to a mechanic to restore his famous 1965 Ford Thunderbird, "Mokalik" follows the story of a young middle-class boy who spends the day apprenticing at a mechanic to get a different perspective on life.

Afolayan's son, Darimisire, will star alongside Femi AdebayoCharles OkochaSimi, Fathia BalogunLateef Adedimeji, and Tobi Bakre.  The official trailer is set to be released later today, but for now enjoy a couple of teasers for "Mokalik":

Lagos Film Academy Awards $5000 Grant
Artistry Media won the much-coveted $5000 grant form the Lagos Film Academy and has used the prize to create a short film.

"Choices" tells the story of Tega, a young man who has always used the elections to benefit himself by using the winnings to help him and his family survive.  This time, the decision he makes will set the wheels in motion for true change - not just for him, but for the whole community.

The message at the end is "Vote, don't fight" in this powerful short which encourages people to turn away from violence to create change in the world.

Take a look at "Choices" right here and let us know what you think in the comments!

Sundance Film Favourites
The Sundance Film Festival kicked off last Thursday and continues until Sunday.  The festival has long had a reputation for unveiling surprise hits, indie favourites, and unique new talent; So for any film fan out there this is a highlight of the year!  
Here are a few of our favourites so far:

"Apollo 11"
Directed by Todd Douglas Miller, this documentary uses never-before-seen footage from NASA to show Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong's journey to the Moon.

"The Farewell"
Director Lulu Wang draws on her personal experience with this movie starring Awkwafina as a struggling writer who travels to China with her family to tend to her sick grandmother.  It sounds depressing, but "The Farewell" is a hilarious dark comedy which sheds light on cultural differences and what bonds family.

The Farewell

"The Hole in the Ground"
In this Irish horror, Sarah and her young son Chris move to the country to get away from trouble only to find themselves living in a creepy house with a mysterious large hole in the middle of the nearby forest.  Then come strange visions and Chris starts behaving stranger and stranger.  Take a look at the trailer - if you dare!

"Honey Boy"
Shia LaBeouf digs deep in this extremely personal movie drawn from his own childhood experience.   LaBeouf plays an alcoholic father, with Noah Jupe ("A Quiet Place") delivering a stunning performance as his son, Otis.  Switching back and forth between Otis' childhood and his experience in rehab as an adult, "Honey Boy" is deeply moving and brutally honest.

Honey Boy

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