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On Fridays you get the freshest news from the entertainment world!  Here's our "Fryday" fry up:

Hollywood News
Crazy Rich Asians Exceeds Expectations
Last week, we told you about the projected box office earnings for "Crazy Rich Asians".  The initial prediction from pundits was $27.5 million in the first 5 days of opening - a pretty impressive number in itself.  
We promised we would report back and it looks like this movie is an even bigger hit than predicted - the five-day opening total was actually $35 million!

This is a really big deal for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, Asians are not really represented in Hollywood, so to have a movie with an entirely Asian American cast and be this popular is groundbreaking.  Secondly, the rom-com genre has been wilting over the past few years-  we're seeing the same old trite stories being churned out and, for the most part, it's become a real snooze-fest. 
The last successful rom-com was "Trainwreck" in 2015, with a $31 million opening, so it's about time for something exciting and new!
Perhaps "Crazy Rich Asians" will breathe some life into the rom-com genre - maybe the secret was to introduce some diversity at last?

Crazy Rich Asians
image: Hollywood Reporter

Upcoming Comedy Stars Tiffany Haddish
We're big fans of Tiffany Haddish - she's always had a great on-screen presence and has excelled in multiple television series throughout her career.  But it was the comedy hit of 2017, "Girls Trip", that really showed us that Haddish has what it takes to wow on the big screen too. 

Upcoming movie "The Oath", directed, written by and starring Ike Barinholtz has Haddish in a lead role once again.   "The Oath" centres on a couple , Chris (Barinholtz) and Kai (Haddish), who are to host the family Thanksgiving dinner - and we all know the stress that comes with getting everyone together for festivities!  And this dinner is no exception - Chris is an outspoken liberal who can't keep quiet around the dinner table about his political views.  Sound like a recipe for disaster! The recent news of the government initiate to sign an oath to show loyalty to the president doesn't really help.  Oh, to add more crazy to the mix, two feds are held hostage in their living room!

Also starring John Cho, Carrie Brownstein, Meredith Hagner, Billy Magnussen and Nora Dunn, "The Oath" will be in cinemas from October 12.

Nollywood News
Footballer Alex Iwobi to Make Acting Debut
Arsenal and Super Eagles forward, Alex Iwobi, is to play the lead in upcoming movie, "Inpadisu".  The football star posted the trailer on instagram to give us a little taste of what to expect.

Not much has been revealed about the movie, but from the trailer you will see that it is a mix of action and suspense. After taking a photo with a fan, Iwobi's character is chased by mysterious man.  The poster shows Iwobi holding a samurai sword, so we expect a lot of action-packed fight scenes along the way!  Because of Iwobi's career in football, he had a stunt double to ensure there was less risk of injury.

There is no concrete release date for "Inpadisu" yet, but as usual we'll keep you posted.  For now, enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments!

"African Queen" Releases Trailer
Starring Segun Arinze, Bolanle Ninalowo and Tina Mba, "African Queen" is a suspenseful drama directed by Caliph Ibn. Uzar.

The story centres on the strong-willed Zainab, who rebels against her father's wishes and takes part in a beauty contest.  The portrayal of Zainab's struggles between love, her dream and the desire to please her family will ring true for many of us.  Moreover, after chasing her dream, she is kidnapped and is trapped in a life or death situation.

With a stellar cast, plus the fact that Cam Rolling Concept is behind the movie, "African Queen" seems a sure-fire hit!  It will be in select cinemas from September 7.

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