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Stanley 'Funnybone' Chibunna


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Poster of Lost in London

Lost in London (2017)

Comedy |
Nigeria |

Lost in London is a hilarious tale about Okon and Bona, young students who get selected for an exchange program in London. They attempt to earn some precious Pounds before returning to Nigeria and experience culture shock and all sorts of trouble. But Okon and Bona are made of sterner stuff and ever...

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Poster of Dognapped

Dognapped (2017)

Comedy |
Family |
Nigeria |
| 85 Min

"Dognapped" is a family comedy about the life of an up-and-coming comedian Andy, who forms a relationship with a talking dog Bruno. They conquer their fears, battle their enemies, fall in love and rise to fame.

0 85
Poster of Bandits

Bandits (2017)

Comedy |
Drama |
Nigeria |
| 100 Min

Fred after been willed just an ugly painting by his wealthy uncle finds a way to sell it with his bestfriend for a cheap price. He would later use blood and sweat to retrieve it when his girlfriend and her sister found out there’s a 96 million Naira cheque behind it.

0 100
Poster of Sergeant Tutu

Sergeant Tutu (2017)

Action |
Comedy |
Adventure |
Nigeria |
| 102 Min

Contents from a stolen bag motivates two crooked cops on an investigation that quickly goes down hill.

0 102
Poster of Superstar

Superstar (2015)

Comedy |
Music |
Nigeria |

A talented musician in the ghetto borrows money from a well known loanshark to finance his career. He must battle professional rivalry, avoid the loan shark goons as well as fall in love in his journey to the top.

55 0

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