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Poster of Excess Luggage

Excess Luggage (2017)

Comedy |
Nigeria |
| 104 Min

An illiterate village man with his family are headed to a church summit but their car breaks down, they have no choice but to stay with an unlikely and unfriendly but wealthy/sophisticated family member; with the comfort they experience, will they ever leave their family member’s home to go to their...

67 104
Poster of Busted

Busted (2017)

Drama |
Nigeria |

The gripping movie reveals the intrigues of a gay couple’s love story. It tells the story of Queen Edwards, a girl born into a decent home where her father’s strict nature as well as her mother’s ignorance led her into the arms of a maid who lured her into lesbianism.

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Poster of St. Mary

St. Mary (2014)

Nigeria |
| 110 Min

In an honest quest for improvement in his standard of living and his desire to settle into matrimony with his heart throb, Tejiri uncovers a massive web of conspiracy on human trafficking and crime on board 'St. Mary', an oil vessel on voyage bound for Amsterdam. Nonye gets lured by a face b...

0 110
Poster of Escape from Home

Escape from Home (2013)

Drama |
Nigeria |
| 83 Min

0 83

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