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Poster of Lone Star Deception

Lone Star Deception (2018)

Drama |

The die is cast, and Stuart Sagle is projected to win for the Governor's house of the State of Texas. But, on a whim, he blows that golden of a chance on a hundred-dollar whore. With that, African-born Texan, Tim Bayh, finds himself staring down the barrel of weirdest Texas a deal to...

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Poster of Blood Reunion

Blood Reunion (2012)

| 94 Min

Fifteen years ago Winona became a vampire. She was imprisoned in her grave by Father Rivers, and Winona's young daughter, Janeth, was sent to live with relatives in another state. Now Janeth is grown, and back in town to try to come to terms with the memory of losing her mother. Unknowingly she...

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