Picture of Amina - Queen of Zazzau

Amina - Queen of Zazzau

Nigeria | December 16, 2017 (Nigeria) |

"Amina" is loosely drawn from the journey of the legendary fierce Warrior, Queen Amina, who ruled for 34 years. The Queen of Zazzau (now Zaria) lived and conquered in the age of man in a man’s world. 1st daughter to the legendary warrior and empire builder, Barkwa Turunku, Amina nurses a burning ambition: to sit as queen over a Zazzau empire that stretches from Kano to River Niger, from Idah to Jukunland. In an age of female subjugation and an oppressive male sponsored traditional system, no sane woman would dare conceive such dreams. From warrior to supreme military commander; from sorrowful lover to crafty politician; Amina must suppress natural feminine emotions in order to convince the empire of her ability to make true Zazzau’s long cherished dreams of dominance over all of the Sub-Sahara.

Izu Ojukwu
VideoSonic Studios


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